I’m not sure if anyone has ever died from poison ivy, but right now I’m praying to be the first casualty.  I have poison ivy covering all but about two square inches of my face, all down my neck and chest, behind my ears, on my eyelids, and it’s slowly creeping into my hairline.  You might be thinking "Gee Kathy, how did you get poison ivy"?  Well, that’s a great question.  The only thing I can figure is that I picked up at the Sankey’s the other night.  Louie was running and playing in the yard and woods and Cooper and I pet all of the many animals at their house.  I may be miserable, but thank heavens Cooper shows no sign of poison ivy so far.  I’m trying not to hold him much or kiss him at all (did I mention I have bumps all over my lips too)?  I went and got a shot, I bought the special poison ivy scrub, I’m eating Benadryl like it’s jelly beans, and I have been rotating between two different topical ointments.  Here’s a little pic for your enjoyment…


My face may look red and bumpy in this picture… well, that’s because it is!

  • munKy - ok that was a little scary.

  • Heather - Kathy, check w/ Dr. Dan, but when we had a dr at the surgery center w / it, they had a big information meeting w/ us that it is NOT contagious – only thing that spreads it is the oil. So, even if you have oozing, you should be ok. Per infection control at Union.

    PS Remember when I had it so bad you could not even tell I had a nose or eyes! Feel your pain. Love you!


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