In honor of my multiple ridiculous attempts to update my head shot on this blog the past few weeks…. we're having a self portrait photo contest!  Yep… that's right… bust out those cameras and your best super model pose.  Only rule is you must shoot the photo yourself.  No help from anyone else.  Use a mirror, Use the timer on your camera (you might have to get the manual out for that one), you a remote if you are a fancy "real" photographer… or do it my favorite way… just like middle school… hold your arm out, point the camera at yourself and shoot away.  That's how I shot the glamor shot over there to your right.  I seriously need to hire someone to shoot some headshots for me… All I need in that one is the royal blue feather boa and some red lipstick.

Here's how it will go down…

1. I must have your image in one week (Friday the 13th by midnight)

2. Voting will be by email.  Every email address gets one vote.  There
will be a link when I post the photos and you'll just click on it and
put the photo number you want to vote for in the subject line.  I've had trouble monitoring
the "only vote once" with the polldaddy voting thingy I usually
use, so this is the only system I can come up with that is completely
fair.  A pain in my butt… but fair.

3.  Voting will start Monday the 16th at 12:01am and end Tuesday the 17th at Midnight.

4. Winner will receive their choice of one of the following… One half price sitting fee for a future session with me, One free 11×14 print from a session you already had with me, or a $25 gift card from any online store.

I've talked a lot about "joy" on the blog this week… just so you know… seeing these entires will bring me GREAT JOY!  Here's an unplanned self portrait for you… Thanks to a very observant blog stalker, I now realize you can see me in a client's sunglasses from a few posts back.  Yes, I am three steps up on a step-ladder.  Yes, the family was fearing for their own safety as the EXTREMELY pregnant lady wobbled above them.  And Yes, I am not looking through the view finder on my camera, I am just holding it out over the center of the family and hoping I get the shot.


  • Kari - Well your blog stalker is either a photographer or a very, very observant person. I did not even notice that. You make me laugh, out loud.

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