Because of my recent string of BORING posts… my blog stats are way down.  So… what could be more exciting than another photo contest?  Here are the official rules…

1. One entry per person.  You, your spouse, and your kid can enter… but only one shot per person.

2. Get creative… think outside of the box!

3. Entries must be received via email by Friday, September 21st @ midnight.

4. The winner will receive a gift certificate to the restaurant or online store of their choice!

Now… the fun stuff… Send me a picture of something that you can not live with out… the kicker… it can not be something that’s alive… pets and people are out.  Time to dig down deep and search your shallow side… what’s you addiction… indulgence… or selfish pleasure?  Now, once you figure out what it is… figure out a cool way to portray it in a photo and send it to me!  This time I’m going to put all of the entries on my blog.  The feet were so fun, I can’t wait to see what you come up with this time!  Dig out your cameras and get to shootin’!

Debbie… David told me that you used my last photo contest as an excuse to get a pedicure… you never sent me the photo, so you had better redeem yourself with this one!

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