This is the one year anniversary of my first blog post!  It is also the one year anniversary of the seeds of kathymccloy photography being firmly planted in my ever changing mind.  Over the past year I have had over 11,000 visitors to my blog.  Can you believe this is my 275th post!?  In honor of my blog’s birthday, I’m having my first photo contest.  I will pick my favorite five photos and let you all vote on the winner.  This is all about creativity!

Contest #1 – Send me a picture of feet.  Your feet, your husband’s feet, your kid’s feet… any set of feet.  Email your entry along with your mailing address (in case you win) to  Type FEET in the subject line.  Entry deadline is one week from today… midnight next Friday, August 10th.

Here are my lovely feet on the dash of Otey’s truck somewhere in Kansas on I-70 (he really loves the toe prints I leave on the glass… hey, I’m worth it).  ***Shot with my CELL PHONE***


The winner will be receiving a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant or online store.  If I have a good response, there will be many more photo contests to come!  Email your friends and family… the more entries, the better!

  • Emily - Congrats on one year, the website looks great!

  • Stormi - Does it have to be human feet? Just wondering because my kids all have 4 feet!

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