Pancake Day


I spent the weekend shooting pics at a bull riding school in Centerville, IA.  Who knew that Centerville in the host of "Pancake Day" every fall?  I actually didn’t spend the weekend.  I drove back and forth everyday.  This mural was painted on the side of an old brick building in town (which now happens to be a tattoo shop).  I just thought it was pretty darn fun and worth documenting.  I’m not sure what Buffalo Bill has to do with Pancakes…  maybe he just REALLY liked them.  Cooper REALLY likes pancakes… maybe he can get his picture painted on the side of the Centerville Tattoo shop! 

I got home early this afternoon and we all watched "Chicken Little"… I watched the back of my eyelids for the last half of it, but the first half was really funny.  Otey and I both laughed out loud.  Cooper and Otey raked up all of the five million little sticks left in our back yard from the icestorm, and then we went to church.  We have found a church that we are really liking so far.  Hopefully it’s where God wants us and we can end the church hunt. 

One more thing before I head to bed.  Some good friends of ours recently lost their house to a fire and are in need of nearly everything.  Here is the info if you have anything you can send them…

Charlotte Neidel’s kids (Jeanette & Bobby Hicks) lost their home to fire this week.  They have two children, a 5yr old son, and a 2yr old girl.  Their sizes are: boy size 12 pants and 10/12 shirts and girl size 5t pants and 6 shirts.  If you are able, please send donations to:

Charlotte Neidel ~  PO Box 68008 ~ Franklin,Tennessee 37068


  • Barb Cole - Hi! I can tell you about Buffalo Bill. Centerville has had a Pancake Day Celebration for over 50 years on the last Saturday in September. It started out as an appreciation event done by the merchants for their customers. It has turned into a huge event for Centerville. They have estimated that as many as 20,000 people will attend in a given year. Pancakes are served free to the public from 9 AM to 1 PM. Gourmet pancakes are also available for a fee. There is a NICE queen contest, food vendors, crafters in the courtyard, big inflatable carnival in the courtyard and lots of entertainment. I was on the committee most of the 12 years I lived in Centerville and really enjoyed it. Pancake Day has a theme every year and one year it was The Wild, Wild West. Buffalo Bill had actually been in Centerville(long time ago). The art class at the high school along with a local artist did the mural prior to Pancake Day that particular year.

    When I first started at DR, I still lived in Centerville and always wanted to go to the rodeo we have in Omaha called River City Roundup. Unfortunately it is the same weekend as Pancake Day so you probably can’t go to Pancake Day either!! Otey will probably be in Omaha. Last year I took Friday off and went to Omaha then came back thru Centerville on my way home Saturday so that was OK. They used to serve pancakes all day and serve as many as 80,000 pancakes!! It’s a neat day!!

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