Paint. Paint. Paint.

That is what my mother and I did ALL DAY LONG! Cooper was pretty much on the self-raising program today. We paused to feed him, and put him down for his naps, but that was pretty much it. He hung out in the living room watching videos and playing with his toys while my Mom and I painted every surface in the extra bedroom. Ceiling. Trim. Walls. The good news is, all we lack is the second rolled coat on the walls and that room is done! I also painted about half of the "hall of many doors" that was mentioned in my last post. I haven’t had my camera out since shooting Cole’s pics on Sunday morning. It feels weird to not have new Cooper photos to post. I will have tons after the weekend. We are going to Indiana to celebrate my Grandma’s 85th birthday, and Cooper’s 1st birthday. I can’t believe our little toot is almost one year old! 2006 really did fly by. Oh! I almost forgot. I have a RAVE for my blog tonight….

RAVE: this handy little paint gadget makes edging soooooo easy. No tape!


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