Out the airplane window

I’ve been out west many times in my life but I am so glad that I am still overwhelmed by the beauty of the Rocky Mountains.    They are unbelievable.   It would be sad to get used to that beauty… to not REALLY appreciate it.  Pocatello, Idaho (that’s where I am right now) is right along the base of the mountains.  Everyday when I walk out of the hotel and see them in front of me covered in snow I think to myself… “dang.  why didn’t I bring my camera?”   You’ll have to settle for iPhone photos out the airplane window.  That’s the Great Salt Lake in photo number three.



  • amy stamm - wheres the rest of the story??? 🙂

  • Leah Robinson - Beautiful Kathy! I still can’t wait till Verizon picks up the iPhone LOL!! I’m sure it’s coming some day hahaha!

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