Odds and Ends

1. I have one opening left in Marshall, Missouri on May 17th.

2. I can fit one more session in the Terre Haute area this coming weekend.

3. Kentucky fried chicken has boneless friend chicken now.  Thank you Colonel Sanders from all of us who are weirded out by food with bones in it.

4. This is a shout out to the U-dub creepers.  They are self proclaimed blog stalkers… aka… creepers, so I thought they should get their time in the “spotlight!”

Funny sidenote, when Cooper saw this photo he said  “Why are all those number two girls making fish lips?”.  I figured U-dub creepers was a little nicer name than “number two girls” or “fish lip girls”.  So there you have it Jenna, Jessica, and Chelsee (you too Lauren… you’re grouped in with all the crazies).  Here’s all the blog love you were hoping for!

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