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Holy cow.  October is here.  Me and my munchkins head out tomorrow morning for most of the month.  Here is a tiny glimpse of what October looks like for me…

Iowa – 3 sessions
Missouri – 11 sessions
Indiana – 1 session
Tennessee – 1 session
Alabama – 2 rodeos, 3 sessions
California – wedding

Can you say YIKES?!!

On a VERY inconvenient business note, I SMASHED my Treo this past weekend and I can't see the screen, and I can only call out using the voice activated blue tooth in the car.  If you need to get a hold of me, leave a message and I'll check them several times a day.  I am swinging through Indiana on my way to Alabama to pick up my Mom and so that I can get a new phone and hopefully switch cell service. 

And now Bridgette and her way cute family.  We met up at their house during my St.Louis/Hannibal weekend.






And because we all know how baby crazy I am right now…  here's my tribute to the baby roll.  ***WARNING… the following photos could cause you to want to procreate.***






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