Five things that I am positive that no one on the earth knows about me.

1. When organizing my dresser drawers, my bras must always go in the drawer above my underwear.  Never, and I repeat NEVER would my underwear be housed above my bras.  It just could never work.  NEVER.  I think it might throw the earth off it’s axis or something.  What’s on top… while on duty or resting, should always be on top.

2. When I eat a bag of plain M&M’s I always put the very last one in my mouth and just let it dissolve away to nothing.  I love M&M’s.  It’s kind of my tribute… and a way to make the last bite last longer.

3. When I match socks after doing laundry I not only make sure the size and shape of the sock match, I also make sure that the color matches.  I’m talking all white socks.  But are they REALLY all white?  Some will be a little dingier then others and I need the shape, size AND the level of dinginess to match.

4. EVERY SINGLE NIGHT when I lay down in bed I say “thank you God for this bed”.  Most of the time I say it in my head… every once in a while I say it out loud.  I really do like my bed, but I think what I am subconsiously saying is thank you God for another great day… and the opportunity to recover from it.

5. About once a month I go back exactly one year earlier on my blog and read about what was going on in our world.  I read about Cooper and can’t believe how little he looks.  I read about who knows what stupid thing I have done that day.  It makes me proud of where I am at this very moment.  It stirs up weird feelings of not knowing the person I am reading about because in just one single year so many things change.  It makes me happy, and in the same moment makes me realize how lighting fast my life is flying by.  It forces me to be thankful for the very second that I’m living in.

I know, I’m a freak… an OCD freak.  But isn’t that why you keep coming back to my blog everyday… to feel normal?

Your welcome.

  • Becoming Sarah - I cannot wait until this baby is born and my blog is old enough for me to do the whole “looking back at a year ago” thing. Oooh =)

  • Debbie - I have a feeling you’re not alone with the socks thing! David has to number his when he gets a new pack so I can match the numbers when I fold them. (Of course we all know there is not a condition that describes David.) Notice that I match the socks, not him right? Sorry I won’t get to see you this weekend. Keep ’em straight!

  • Amy - Ok so you are an OCD freak! ha I thought I was but…you…you take the cake…first off your sock matching! OMG if I did that I would be folding laundry for hours…it is so hard to tell-so white goes with white no matter how dingy or out of shape they are!! Now if my husbands softball socks are in there they are pretty obvious! Keep the post coming you nutt!!! oh and whats up with the bras on top!!!haha mine are all together!!! I did not feel to unorganized till this post! 🙂

  • brandy - I do the sock and M&M thing too!

  • Sheri Sprouse - I believe we could be related somewhere down the line. I do socks the same way and yes M&M’s and OCD go together only my obsession is even wierder than yours. I eat in a matched color pair. Sidenote: I have never had a package come out even but I still try.

  • Heather Mears - A little OCD never hurt anyone. I too have specific quirks about my sock, underwear and bra drawers. Socks are folded in half and placed in even stacks, undies are folded exactly in half and stacked according to quality and bras are folded precisely and in rows. This might make you feel better…when in college, I was Ellen’s roommate (the Ellen that you know from Marshall) and when she would leave to go to class or work, I would also organize her drawers! See, what I’m trying to tell you is that I think you are perfectly ‘my kind of normal!’

  • Kim - Yes, it’s because we love you , you freak:)

  • aunt harriet - Ditto to all your mom said too!

  • aunt harriet - Oh Kathy…we are sooooo related! #1,3 & 4 could have been said about me! #2 I do with Dove dark chocolate pieces. I just never realized that was OCD, I thought that was being “prganized” and prudent!

  • mom - We come back because we love you. And you make us laugh, AND smile AND think about where WE are AND how great life really is. Your joys and achievements are ours. I am speaking collectively, not just as you mom.You make people feel good and make hem realize that they CAN achieve what they are striving for, even if it is a struggle. We love you.

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