Don’t normal people have some sort of a routine?  Sometimes (not very often) I long for normalcy… like Otey and I both working nine to five in a factory, only leaving home once a year for a week long vacation in Branson or Orlando or somewhere where everyone has a camera around their neck and some sort of pamphlet sticking out of their pocket.  That’s sounds so weird, I know.  But I have never been a “normal” person.  I haven’t been in the same state for longer then two weeks since I graduated from high school excluding the six weeks of house arrest before and after Cooper’s birth.  It really wasn’t house arrest, but it sure felt like it.  I guess that right there should tell me I’m not cut out to be “normal”.  I long for it in the middle of all the packing and unpacking, mountains of laundry, and meals in the car, but as soon as I get a two week taste of it… I am so thankful for my abnormal life.  We really do have it good.  Cooper is 19 months old and has already been to more states then some adults visit in their entire life time.  I really wouldn’t trade our life for anything.  All I need is a couple weeks at home every now and then to remember how good I’ve got it.  This map has been on my blog before, but I’ve added a few more states.  Red states Cooper has been to live and in person, Blue states he visited during the nine months in my oven…


Speaking of being on the go… we are headed to a rodeo tomorrow night (Otey is entered) and then we’re headed to southern Missouri over the weekend for Grandpa George’s services.  I have been editing pictures from his 80th birthday party to take with us.  How fun is this shot of Gpa and his great grandson Cole?  So, sooooo sweet.


Photo Contest #2 Send me a picture of something that you can not live with out… the kicker… it can not be something that’s alive… pets and people are out. Time to dig down deep and search your shallow side… what’s you addiction… indulgence… or selfish pleasure? Now, once you figure out what it is… figure out a cool way to portray it in a photo and send it to me! *One entry per person. * Entries must be received via email by Friday, September 21st @ midnight. *The winner will receive a gift certificate to the restaurant or online store of their choice!

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