Ninja Kisser

I just got home form shooting another senior girl tonight. Did I mention how much I like shooting senior sessions? They're always so full of life and up for anything. Always fun.

While I was home in Indiana a couple of weeks ago I shot a few pictures of my Aunt Harriet and Uncle Bill. Do you think it's weird that I'm 30 and still call them "Aunt" and "Uncle" when I talk to them? My friend Erica and I just had this discussion the other day. Otey just calls his Aunts and Uncles by their first names… do all adults drop the "Aunt" and "Uncle"?  Maybe I'm just weird, but it would be like calling my Mom "Karen".  Never.  Anywho… enough rambling.  I love this first shot. It is totally my Aunt Harriet.  My Uncle Bill had probably just said for the 47th time… "Are we done yet?"  We only shot for like 8 minutes (unlike my normal 2 hours) and every time my shutter clicked he'd ask again.  Funny.



And… by request (your welcome Heather) here's a shot of Grady.  He was just hanging out on the ottoman in the middle of our kitchen floor (that's where he kicks back while I'm cooking) in his standard uniform.  I think all babies should have to wear white onesies at least 12 hours a day.


And why does Grady look so scared in this next picture you ask?


You'd look that scared too if this was coming at you…



Cooper is like a deadly Ninja kisser… he makes his move when his prey least expects it.  I know that last photo looks rough, but the Ninja's hand was just resting on Grady's forehead… well… kind of.

Happy Saturday.

  • Blog Stocker # 1 - I’m 34 and my husband and I still say Aunt and Uncle. If I didn’t I think I would feel like I was disrespecting them in some way. Kinda like they earned that title. Plus it gives your kids a since of family and understanding of their lineage.

    Grady is getting so big. Some of my favorite pictures are of my boys in white onesies. I love it!!

  • Heather - Thank you for the pics of Grady!! I LOVE the pics of mom and dad!!! Can’t wait to order some!!!! love you!

  • Heather Mears - At least he’s just kissing. Just think…someday, he’ll trade his kisses for punches and kicks. Ah, brotherly love!

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