New Marketing Strategy

Here is Cooper having a snack last night… showing you his bulging biceps… and showing you his "third nipple".  Do you think Cheerios would be interested in this picture for a "third nipple" marketing campaign?


He is soooooo gross when he feeds himself.  When we have extra time I just take off his shirt and let him go at it.  Food is always stuck all over him, but this (pre-moistened with Cooper slobber) Cheerio held on for the entire time he was in his seat.  He makes me laugh out loud at least ten times a day. 

Cooper, Louie, and I are headed over to Livingston, AL this afternoon.  Otey’s in Iowa being a "normal" person.  Cooper seems to be feeling better today.  I haven’t mugged him down yet to feel in his mouth and see if we have a tooth yet.  I’ll save that "fun" for later tonight.

  • Shannon Bryan-Durbin - Hey Kathy, Your family looks great!!! Cooper is so cute. Happy house hunting it is very hard to find something in your price range. Too bad were not all rich. lol

  • Jan - Kathy,I love your blogs,it keeps me informed of how you,Otey and Cooper are doing oh!and Louie.I also get to see great pictures of Coop and how much he is growing. He is a handsom little boy.Don’t worry to much about the teeth, Emily was 10 months old before she got her first one and Rowdy was 13 or 14 months old when he got his first one,then he was really slow about getting the rest of them.Keep up the good pictures and info.

  • Stormi - Let Sasha know I am sending her the halter out today for Lady. I was trying to find the trailer tie I used but no luck at this time.

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