When the Benders came to visit us over New Years Eve, their little girl Brooklyn had a toy that I thought was fun, so I bought Cooper one. It is an Apple IPod knock off called a MyPod. It has like 15 different kids songs in it and has a screen with the song titles on it like an IPod. It has a stop button, forward and backward buttons to skip through the songs, a button to turn the light on and off, and a volume dial. Cooper is now CRAZY about this toy. He drags it around with him all day and keeps the music going while he plays with all his other toys. He skips through the songs and stops every once in a while and dances a little. I’m telling you, he LOVES this toy. It was only like ten bucks at Target, and it’s "Parents" brand if you need to buy a present for any toddlers any time soon.


We bought this Puppy Chair for Coop for Christmas. He doesn’t like it near as much as he likes his MyPod, but I thought this pic was really sweet…


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