My Little Snow Man

I took Cooper outside today to play in the snow for the first time since we’ve been back from Florida. The wind-chills have been insanely low here and today it got up to over 40! A ton of the snow melted (YIPPEE!!!) and we are down to just a couple of inches. We have limbs down EVERYWHERE. I don’t mean large sticks, I mean BIG LIMBS. Most of them I couldn’t move. We’re going to have to borrow a chainsaw and have one heck of a weenie roast or hire someone to come and get them. Since it’s been sooooo freezing out and we’ve both been soooo sick, we have just decided to pretend they aren’t back there until the snow is gone. Denial… sometimes that’s the best plan. Some of them have broke our fence. It’s that plastic kind so we’re going to have to buy some replacement boards to fix it. Here’s Cooper checking to make sure there was so damage done to his favorite play set (thank goodness only little ones fell on it). Oh ya, Mom… don’t fuss about him having on no gloves. I can’t get his little fingers crammed into real gloves, and he just can’t play in mittens. I only had on two sweatshirts and no gloves and was plenty warm. The poor kid was sweating by the time we came in! Otey an I joked about him being like the kid from the movie “The Christmas Story”.


We went out with Buzz Lightyear in one hand, and quickly found a prized stick for the other one. He spent the entire time we were out there playing with that stick in the snow.



Buzz got ditched. Poor little guy… he had snow in his helmet.



I know that he’s my kid… but I LOVE his little eyelashes. There are about nine million of them and they are just perfectly curved. He definitely didn’t get them from his mother!



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