My Little Pumpkin

On the eve of Halloween, Otey and I decided we needed to start some holiday traditions with Cooper.  In keeping with your standard Halloween procedures… we thought it would be a good idea to carve a pumpkin.  I got Cooper dressed in some old clothes and got all the supplies ready in the Orman’s shop (Mike Orman is Otey’s boss… we’re staying in their front yard until our house is ready to move into).  Cooper thought he’d try helping me clean it out…


When his hand touched the cool slimy pumpkin guts, he made an awful face and decided he might just hang out and watch instead…


Cooper was much more interested in crawling around on the concrete shop floor looking for things to pick up and try to eat (bolts, inch worms, pumpkin carving tools, my camera, etc).  One of us would work on the pumpkin while the other one chased Cooper in circles saying "no-no" and prying things from his little fingers.  The final result was a cute pumpkin and one filthy kid!


Hope you have a great Halloween.

  • Stormi - Just wanted to let you know I stopped in and looked at the pictures. the ones of the girls are wonderful!! I am so proud of you and your pictures.

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