my dad. part III

My Dad started letting me drive everywhere we went together when I was late fourteen. His truck, my Mom's car, and our dually with a thirty eight foot long, eight foot wide horse trailer. He said he wanted to make sure that by the time I really had my license and could drive by myself, I would have a lot of experience under my belt. Smart.


But Smart.

This "real life driving" also included changing tires when we had blow outs. At the time, I was pretty sure that qualified as child abuse, but when I sat along the side of a six lane interstate just outside of Dallas, Texas as an eighteen year old with a blown out trailer tire, I was glad that all that "child abuse" had been inflicted upon me.

I was back on the road in 15 minutes.

That Dad of mine, smart.

  • Jane Hunt - Love the Huge picture of the boys. Of course, what kind of YaYa would I be if my favorite website didn’t feature my grandchild. At the risk of being a suck-up, you are running just behind in second place! When my homepage for Safari comes up Kathy McCloy, you have a hint about my preferences. Keep sharing the love!

  • Mika - You failed to mention that your lovely assistant got eaten alive by fire ants while you were changing your blowout on the interstate in Dallas, Texas!!!

  • Heather - Love the new site! I WANT the pic of you, Otey and the boys!!!!! Pretty please – I don’t have a family pic of you!!!

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