My cousin, Stormi

My cousin Stormi’s wedding from WAY back in December.

A year and a
half ago, I introduced you to Stormi in this post.  As much as I like
doing a little match makin’… I can’t take any credit for this one.
She snagged Darrel all by herself!

Congrats cuz.  I couldn’t be
happier for you!







If you know Stormi, her password is the name of her mare that she won everything on.  All lowercase.  Ha!  Crack that one Betsy.

  • stormi - THanks for taking the pictures at the single most important day in my life…so far! to Betsy….. Cracking the name of my mare isn’t going to work if you are googling for her. I rode her when I was 8-15 so no internet help there. Sorry! Love you Kathy and I can never thank you enough. My favorites so far are the ones in black and white where I am kissing Darrel on the Cheek and the one where he is kissing me. LOVE THEM!

  • Mary Kay - Well, I cracked it in no time. I didn’t even know Stormi back then, but working with her mom, I’ve heard lots of stories about that infamous crazy mare. Nice wedding pics!

  • Betsy Hunt - I have cracked many a password, especially when it comes to looking at photos. I can’t stand to be out of the loop. I don’t know Stormi, but of course, I want to see her wedding photos. The name of a mare….this one might be a challenge. I’ll let you know if I have been successful at cyber stalking:)

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