My Cousin… Buss

You all know I don’t make very many serious posts on this blog.  Mostly just daily blabber.  I received this email from my 40 year old cousin and thought it might be a nice reminder of the REAL sacrifices all of our soldiers are making as we continue to live our everyday normal lives.  Please keep Buss in your prayers.  Here he is in uniform at his sister’s wedding. Those two beautiful girls are his nieces, Lenzi & Lexi…


Well my 2 year stint in Central America is almost at an end. I’ll be back in the States at the end of February. It has been a wonderful tour. I have been able to do things here that most soldiers do not get to do their entire careers. I also have gotten to do some things that I thought I would not get to ever do again after being promoted to First Sergeant. Things like getting out into the field and teaching land navigation in the mountains, rappelling out of helicopters, or parachuting out of them at 1500 feet. Though I’ll admit that it hurts a little more than it used to and it also takes longer to heal, but I guess that’s just age catching up. This experience has proven to me that I can still hang in there with the "kids" that are just starting their careers. I’ve trained over 200 soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines since coming to Honduras and I only hope that I have made a difference. As you know our country is at war and the Army is in need of experienced leadership. To that end I have decided that at the end of this tour I will re-enlist into the active army. Hell, I figure if Thomas Magnum can do it then so can I. I will be reporting to the 1st Infantry Division, Fort Riley, KS sometime in the middle of March. I’ll be there for a few months training up for deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan. My mission will be to train their troops to take over their own defense. The best way for you to stay in contact with me will be my permanent military email address xxxxxxxxxxx. If I reply back and it looks like it is coming from a different address please keep using the above as I have it forwarded to what ever local email address they assign me. Please stay in touch.


1SG Wood

First Sergeant HSC

Army Forces BN JTF-B


  • Heather - this has to be my all time favorite picture!!!!!! you truly captured the relationship! the girls love their uncle buss soooo much. and, are quite mad at him for re-enlisting…though they understand WHY.

  • Stormi - Thank you Kathy, this will mean a lot to Buss.

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