My Birthday List

As most of you know, my dreaded 30th birthday is only a couple of weeks away. Ugh. I know you have all been scouring the internet and malls in search of THE PERFECT gift for me. Well… today is your lucky day. I’ve decided to make shopping easier on you and have compiled a small list of things that I am pretty sure I can’t live without.

5d Let ‘s get started with a new Canon 5d. The camera choice of champions. I have been lusting after this camera for over a year now. I am considering auctioning Cooper on Ebay to raise the funds to purchase it.

Macbookair On to #2. A shinny, sleek, yummy new MacBookAir. Every time that commercial comes on when they slide it out of the yellow envelope, I just want to jump up and kiss the television screen. If I ever quit secretarying rodeos, it will be really easy for me to make the full conversion to Mac. The only time I even touch my PC is for rodeo related stuff. The thought of working on it now is just a touch more appealing then a root canal.

Fordedge #3… 2008 (or 2007, I’m not that picky) Ford Edge. I. AM. IN. LOVE. WITH. THIS. CAR. There! I said it! I LOVE THIS FORD! Gosh, I feel like I need to go wash my mouth out with soap or something. From the very first second that I saw this car, I was in total love with it. Being that Dodge pays our bills, I doubt my husband will be buying me a dreaded “F” word anytime soon. Guess that means I’ll have to count on one of you to buy it. It really isn’t being disloyal to Dodge if we don’t spend our own money on it, is it?

Lens2470 #4 will be quite boring to you if you aren’t a camera geek. A Canon 24-70L 2.8 lens. This little baby will complete my camera bag. It really is a must have, and I MUST HAVE!

Now… #5. Most of you are going to think I’m trying to be funny, that is if you haven’t been to my house. We are very blessed with the biggest kitchen we’ve ever had in a house and loads of cabinet and countertop space, but our kitchen sink is AWFUL! So… #5…. a new kitchen sink.

Kitchensink Instead of everything but the kitchen sink… I want everything AND the kitchen sink! I actually really like the one in this picture if you want to get specific while you’re shopping. If you choose to purchase #5, I’d also appreciate you installing it.
So, there you go… friends and family… Happy shopping!

  • Alex - Gosh, that looks just like my birthday wishlist!! Seriously! I can live without the sink if I got everything else!! LOL!

  • codymc - Remember — the new macs will run windoze as well — might as well take the plunge. 😀

    (ducks the stones otey is throwing at me)

  • Laura - Love your dad’s comment!! Typical JC response!!Well at least you know your dad is always ready and willing to help!! Remember when we were kids and we needed a motor home to go to horseshows he got one!! Was not a provost but hey…it got us to the horseshows and don’t for getting cruising Sullivan square! laura

  • jac - ha babe i can help you on the sink. your mom saved a 20 year old sink when she got new counter tops last year. not exactlry the one in the picture but it is ss. altho the fosett leaks a little. love ya dad

  • Matt Bonness - KCRW, an LA NPR station that plays great music (not your standard NPR stuff), is giving away a MacBook Air every other day as part of its winter fund drive (they alternate MacBook Airs with MacBook Pros): . Make a donation and you’re in the running against however many people contribute that day.

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