I get at least one email a week asking me about the songs on my website.  In fact, when I launched my new website a few months go, I really had a hard time trying to decide on the music.  Should I stick with the old music?  The music that everyone loves… or should I pick out something new and fun?  I stuck with the old music for now, but I thought I’d let you hear the other songs that made the short list.  Songs that I love…

I’m Yours – Jason Mraz (MY FAVORITE SONG IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD disclaimer… it says “damn” a few times)

Be Ok  – Ingrid Michaelson

Blessed – Brett Dennen

You got Me – Tristan Prettyman

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  • Mary Kay - How about some Jamie Cullum?

  • Kathy - two people laying in the grass, shot from above & the two teenagers about to kiss in the lower left corner. I can FEEL the butterflies in their tummies.

  • Kayla - love that jason mraz song! which picture in the video is your fave? and is that the REAL reason you like that song, because of all the cool pics?! HA!

  • Mom - My vote is for Jason Mraz #1. But you can’t get rid of the first song that plays now on the site! or maybe even the second. I really like them.

  • Tanya Miller - Great songs, I love the first one and what a good upbeat video.
    Have a great day!

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