Moving Day

We are moving my office downstairs today, so if you email and I don’t get right back to you, I’ll be back on line later tonight. 

Still no baby.  This morning I thought maybe I was having contractions, but they must have been Braxton Hicks (or as Otey would put it… Briggs and Straton) because they went away and haven’t came back yet.  I took everyone’s advice and was REALLY busy and active yesterday trying to put myself in to labor.  I didn’t go in to labor… but I did hurt so bad last night that I thought I was going to die and I went to bed at 8:30 instead of my normal after midnight.  What’s a girl to do?

And because I haven’t uploaded any new photos in three days… a fun before and after of Emily on her wedding day.  I wouldn’t do this to every bride, but most girls don’t look this smokin’ hot in their before (pre-makeup, pre-hair) photo!  I don’t think she’ll mind!


and After….

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