More Marshall

Brace yourself my friends.

because I’m not sure you are ready to handle the CUTENESS that is this first photo.


Is that not THE most precious little face that you have ever laid eyes on?  Oh my gosh he was just as sweet as he is cute.  Lari (pronounced Larry… isn’t that fun?) contacted me about shooting a family session and then hit me with some good news.  She said she had been looking through my gallery on my website and she thought she knew of the perfect location.  Man oh man did she!  Talk about my “element”.  There were bright colors and rust everywhere… my heaven!


Turns out this location that she choose I accidentally stumbled upon the day before.  Imagine my DELIGHT when I figured out they owned this little slice of heaven AND when they told me I could go there and shoot anytime I wanted.


Lari’s family was great fun and I think (this is top secret) even Dad enjoyed himself at the end!  Here’s the photographic evidence.



Sidenote… it’s 2:02 a.m.  I fly to Pocatello, Idaho in five hours and 28 minutes…. with.  out.  my.  kids.  Please pray that I don’t have some sort of Mommy breakdown this week.  I wish I could say that I was looking forward to the time away, but for some odd reason… I really like the little monsters and hate being away from them.  Also (and more importantly) pray that my Mom doesn’t pull her hair out before Otey gets here to help.

Happy Monday everyone.

OM + KC (part 2) tomorrow.

  • amy stamm - awesome AGAIN!!! you do great work—-

  • nicole - Ha ha, she is my science teacher! She is awesome too!

  • Tanya Miller - I love the photos. My favorite is in the school bus! Praying for a safe trip and an enjoyable time!

  • Heather Mears - Okay, love the new Marshall pics, hate it that you’re sad to leave your kids and soooo excited for Part 2 tomorrow!

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