Monkey in a Hawaiian shirt holding a giant banana

We only have about 1/4 of our stuff here in Iowa, no decor or anything… just the basics.  Today I finally knuckled down and unpacked some stuff.  I have all rooms in order except our bedroom.  There are stacks and piles and baskets of clothes EVERYWHERE.  I really need my handy man to quit sunning his buns and get up here and add on my bathroom and closet!  The house is starting to feel like it’s ours.  I don’t think it will feel like "home" until I get everything inside re-done and hang our pictures.  I love hanging things on the wall.  Not quantity… just perfectly placed things that you love.  I left all of my paintings in Indiana also, so our walls are completely bare… not counting the monkey in a Hawaiian shirt holding a giant banana bulletin board Cooper’s grandma bough him for Christmas that is hung on a left over nail in the middle of our living room…. classy, huh?  We hung it right in the middle of the living room as a joke and I forgot to take it down before the Direct TV guy got here yesterday.  He was in our house for like two hours and walked by it 25 times.  I’m sure he thought we were good decorators.

Our friends (Julie, Kyle, and their little girl Brooklyn) are coming to spend the weekend with us.  They should be here any minute.  I should have fun pics of the kids to share the first of the week!

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