Cooper’s first word…. Dad.

Grady’s first word… you guessed it. 🙂

  • Jillian Wilkinson - adorable!!

  • Leah Robinson - AWWWWW!!!! He sure did!!

  • Kathy - My friend Kim…. you are not the first person to mistake my perfect little Louie for a pig! It’s happened (seriously) at least once a year for his 11yr life. He’s a little portly!

  • Kim - O M GOD…..That is so sweet….so sweet. To see that adorable little guy just made my day…and to hear Cooper in the background-SWEET.
    But what may I ask was that walking by in the background. I think it was a dog but it went by too fast-was it a white pig???????? JK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m afraid you have started something you are NOT going to be able to stop…video blogging….keep ’em coming sista:)

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