Missing in Action

Oh where oh where have all the bloggers gone?  That was the subject line in an email I received from my aunt yesterday.  I tell ya, pressure!  I have been SWAMPED this weekend.  Along with me secretary-ing this rodeo, Otey is also working for Dodge.  When we are both working, time management is a little tricky with Cooper.  On top of all of that, I booked a last minute session with a WONDERFUL family this morning.  Gorgeous adults, well behaved children… what more could a photographer ask for?  I promise to have a sneak peak up for them later this week.

Photo contests entries are all in.  They are so fun!  I can tell there was a lot of thought and planning put in to this contest.  Voting will begin Monday morning and end on Friday.  Check back on Monday to see all of the fun photo entries!

And finally… this one’s for you Debbie.  Look at your little boy… all grown up at his first big-boy job!  I thought you might want photo evidence that he really is in Missouri doing a great job at his first rodeo as a College Coach!  He even shaved and smelled good!  You would be so proud…


  • Kelly Smith - This blog entry should have come with a disclaimer before I scrolled down and saw that picture first thing on Monday morning!!…Just kidding we are proud of Chad and know he will do a great job!

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