Miss Personality

I just finished editing the McGraw’s session (Crystal… you’ll be getting an email from me later this afternoon)and I wanted to share a few more I really liked.  The McGraw’s… continued…



Now I’ve started on Kendi’s family session.  Kendi happens to be a very good friend of Crystal (see above picture of woman smooching her husband).  Their sons are very close to the same age and when I got to Kendi’s house on Saturday morning, her son said "You took my best bud Connor’s pictures".  To say I abused that all day long would be a HUGE understatement… "Connor sure was a good boy yesterday"… "You should have seen how good Connor smiled yesterday"… "You know what?  Conner was a very good listener yesterday".  I am happy to report that for the most part, it worked.  We got some GREAT family shots and some really fun ones of their kids.  Here is a little sneak peek Kendi…


I must tell you about Miss Personality in the middle.  She totally rocked it all morning… I never once had to pose her, in fact, when I shot this picture below, her Mom was telling her to knock it off and I was cracking up.  I loved it!


How do I ALWAYS get such good looking clients?  Thank you God.


  • Crystal - these are awesome!!!!! Regan is a rockstar!

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