Mini Peeks

I am behind. Way behind. Behind on house cleaning, behind on laundry, behind on editing, and the thing I feel the most guilty about… behind on sneak peeks! I pride myself in giving clients a little sneak peek to hold them over until I get their gallery edited. So today we’re doing catch up. These aren’t full fledged sneak peeks… they are mini peeks. Each session will still get their day of blog glory all to themselves as I finish their gallery. So without further ado, Monday May 5th – Monday May 12th sessions…

Blakesburg, Iowa
Dally Jo… guess how old she just turned?


Millington, Tennessee
My good friend Jolyn & her family. Sweet little Rylee was way more in to playing then having her picture taken. Don’t worry Jolyn… we got some good ones anyway!


St. Louis, Missouri
Suzy and Clayton’s engagement session. So fun… and soooo into each other. Let’s just say they didn’t mind being told to “kiss” over and over again.


Bloomfield, Iowa
Clara & Culee. Oh. My. Gosh. I knew these were some cute kids, but I jumped for joy when this first image opened on my screen.


*Sigh* of relief. I just released a touch of guilt. I have a Dr’s appointment in the morning and then it’s nose to the grind stone all day tomorrow. Stay tuned for LOTS of photos this week.

  • Kari - Love the picture of Dally in the tire. I love Jolyn’s too. SHe is such a happy person and it is obvious from the pics so in love with her family.

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