I’m going to be posting pics from the past month over the next week or so.  I didn’t have very fast connections most places and have skipped over lots of "post worthy" pics.  We had a couple more firsts this past week.  Cooper has his first smashed finger/blue finger nail…


He was running with a short piece of a shovel handle in his hand (playing fetch with Louie) and fell.  He smashed his poor little finger in between the handle and a rock that was on the ground.  It has been like five days and yesterday it turned completely white.  I thought that meant it was going to fall off, but so far, it’s still on.

Cooper has also FINALLY mastered drinking out of a straw.  All of my friends kids started drinking out of a straw way before Cooper.  He finally got it this past weekend.  I must give credit to my friend JD (who by the way has no kids… doesn’t that make me feel smart).  He told me to put my finger on the end with a little water in the straw, stick it in Cooper’s mouth and when he started to "drawl’  (that means suck for those of you who don’t speak Kentucky-Bonics) take my finger off and let the water run into his mouth.  After three times of that in about thirty seconds, I stuck the straw back in the cup and he sucked it right up!  Here he is back in the truck with his to-go-cup from O’Charley’s (my favorite restaurant). 


Small milestones.  I’m so glad I have a picture to document 99% of them!

  • Heather - I know you have a MILLION pictures, but what about photoalbums and or scrapbooks…are you doing any of that stuff?

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