McCloy Family Photos

Our digital negatives from our family session in Florida (with photographer LEIGH TAYLOR) arrived on Monday. I have been like an impatient child waiting on them and I only placed the order like a week ago! This experience has shown me what it feels like to be on the other side of the camera. The “what are we going to wear?”, “when am I going to get my password?”, “are my pictures ever going to get here?” feelings that all my clients must feel. Thing is, Leah was WAY quicker then I usually am. From session to photos in hand it’s only been two weeks! Here are a few of my favorites.









Just so you know… my husband is going to kill me for this… but he looks so cute I must share it with the world!


  • Kim McMillan - OMGosh Kathy….I saw these on Leigh’s site and had NO IDEA they were you!!!!
    They are fantastic. I love them. I really love the one where you and your husband are standing (just your legs) with Cooper in the middle. Cooper is absolutely adorable!

  • Heather - Order me the one of you and Otey in b&w, plus the one of Cooper standing in front of you & Otey in b&w. (4×6’s) and a 5×7 of the 3 of you sitting on the end of the train. Unless you have a better one???

    PS – those are some funky shoes!!!!!

  • BFF - Your husband is cute…you all are!

  • Kari - It’s great you found out how I felt running up and down my stairs 50 times a day waiting for that sneek peek. I’m just like a little kid too when it comes to something new. You’d think we never got anything new wouldn’t ya.

  • Laura - Great pics! Love the one with you and Otey alone showing off baby bump!!

    Not saying these pics aren’t great but you are just as creative if not more!! Great work!

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