Okay. So you know how I told you about how nice it was here yesterday? Well… tonight it was like winter coat and scarf FREEZING. If I get up tomorrow and there is snow on the ground in southern Mississippi… I am totally moving to Maui. It has NEVER in the history of earth ever snowed in Maui… right?
I have one more performance here Saturday night at 7:00, and then I should be home in Iowa by lunch on Sunday. I dread the drive… but I am ready to hug my two favorite guys. Speaking of my favorite guys, baby “what’s his name” is really starting to kick and move around a lot. I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that we are going to have a new baby in less then four months.

A few shots of model #2 from the secret workshop…




Side note… I am watching GAC right now as I blog and Carrie Underwood has the most perfect teeth on the planet… random… I know… but gosh they are distracting they are so perfect.

  • Mary Kay - But don’t you think Carrie is almost distracting skinny, to the point of getting big-head syndrome?

  • cody - if you move to maui, Uncle Cody demands a guest house

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