Martha Vila

Martha Vila?

Martha Stewart + Bob Vila = Martha Vila

aka…. ME

That’s right friends and family… just call me Martha Vila… or MV for short.  Or I guess I could be Bob Stewart… or BS for short.


That seems more fitting, huh?

Anywho… we had a very productive WONDERFUL family weekend.  I am too beat to provide photographic evidence of all my handy work… but I will give you a little list…

fixed the toilet, changed four door knobs & three dead bolts, laundry, laundry, did I say laundry?  went to church, went to the playground, went out for ice cream, fed some ducks at the park, grocery shopped, grilled out, made THE YUMMIEST TREAT EVER.

Details on the Martha Stewart & Bob Vila projects tomorrow.  For now, some snapshots of my kids from the weekend.




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  • amy stamm - cute pictures!!! Dont ya love spending the weekend doing a little bit of everything!

  • Erica - I LOVE your hair!

  • Heather - Q.T. Pies…and did you highlight your level 5 hair? It looks good.

  • SHARON - L-O-V-E the shot of you and Coopster! You are as beautiful of a person on the outside as you are on the inside!

  • aunt harriet - where are the head shots of Otey?
    We like to see him too!

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