Mari the tomato slayer

My tiny tiny newborn baby (okay he turns one the end of this month) got his first haircut today!  I have held out as long as I could, but we have started referring to him as tomato head (his bangs looked like those green hangy down things around a tomato stem).  And because I want him to remain “Nash Potato” and not become “Nash Tomato” I surrendered and made him an appointment.  The three boy booger brigade and I made the monthly family field trip to see our friend Mari and get their ears lowered.

1st up my little G-man.

Grady has really came out of his shell in the past few months.  When he turned two in July I was pretty sure he was going to grunt like a caveman and hide behind my leg the rest of his life, but at 2 years 6 months he is speaking in full sentences and not shy AT ALL.  He’s like a different kid.  He climbs right up in Mari’s chair and fills her in on everything important in his world.

“Grady, show Mama your handsome haircut”

2nd up, Coop-Diddy

Cooper on the other hand, has for some reason found a shell the past six months.  The kid who used to greet random strangers in the grocery store now stares at the ground and is stone faced when he is around anyone he doesn’t know well.  If you know Cooper personally, this is hard to believe (he did sing Flo Rida’s “LOW” with no accompaniment complete with choreographed dance moves at BOTH of our Christmas gatherings).  But for some reason, he climbs up in Mari’s chair and never makes a peep.  Once we get out to the car, the REAL Cooper shows back up.

“Cooper, let me take a picture of your cool haircut.”

Don’t ask me what’s up with that face.  He’s my little performer for sure.

3rd up… teeny tiny itty bitty Nash Potato (sniff… sniff…)

See what I mean about the Tomato look?  He sat in the chair like such a big boy.

He was super happy and did pretty good for awhile.  By the end I was making alligator noises with Mari’s hair-clips and letting him chew on her water spray bottle.  If I would have put my camera down, I could have probably been a little more help (sorry Mari).

Nearing the end…

And finally… my handsome little Nash ditches the tomato look and models the final product.

Awwww…. no more tiny newborn.  In just a couple of weeks Cooper won’t be able to tell people “My brother’s zero” anymore.  One month from now I will be the mother of a one, two, and five year old.  How did this happen?  Three babies AND I’m rolling in a mini-van.  Never say never my friends 🙂

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  • Sharon T. - SO GLAD TO SEE A NEW POST!!!!!! The boys have grown like weeds. Cooper looks more and more like Otey and I think Grady is absolutely adorable–as well as Nash. Have you started the big move yet?

  • Mari - You forgot how many suckers we had to bribe them with!:) Nash looks soo different from the first to the last picture. They are my fovorite clients!

  • Kari Mason - Oh, Nash has changed so much! He looks so big. I think you need to schedule a photo shoot in Marshall so I (I meant to say Syd) can babysit.

  • Julia Blunt - Yep…I said it too about the mini van. It is a crusher to your coolness. I only lasted a couple of years in one. You are at that necessity point for one, though. I have been there, done that. I agree to never say never!

    BTW – The boys haircuts are soo…..handsome! :))

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