Husband of the year left this morning for a week long trip to Texas. I absolutely hate it when we are apart. He’s driving a big display trailer to Austin for Dodge Rodeo. He’s working there for eight days, and then he’s flying home to work here for nine, and then he’ll fly back to Texas to drive the rig straight to St. Louis where we’ll meet to fly to Idaho together. In the midst of all this I am going to San Francisco for three days for a photography workshop. I am super excited. I have never had any formal training shooting digital (just many, MANY hours in the dark room in college). It’s going to be exciting to be around a bunch of fabulous photographers and get to pick their brains. My parental units will be arriving here in Iowa tomorrow to spend the week with Cooper and I and keep him over the weekend while Otey and I both gone. We haven’t seen them since December 23rd and it feels like it’s been two years instead of two months! They’re going to be amazed at how much Cooper has changed… and how much he talks! He for sure got his extensive babbling skills from my side of the family!

Thanks for the well wishes on my hand… it’s already looking/feeling better!

  • Jeremi - Hi! Do you remember me? Are you headed to the secret workshop??? You lucky girl, you!

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