Lion Safari Park

We all went on a day trip to the Lion Safari Park today.  It’s a drive through wildlife preserve like zoo thing with a safari themed kid’s park at the end.  Everyone had a good time.  Cooper and his cousins fed the giraffes…


Cooper was so funny.  The giraffe treats looked like crackers.  When the giraffe took it out of his hand, he cried because he wanted to eat it.  He fed the giraffe two different times and wasn’t so sure about it. 

When we got back to the condos, Otey grilled some steaks, and my Mom fixed some potatoes and green beans and we had a great dinner.  Here’s a pic of Alex, Theresa, and Evan on the beach before we ate…


Once our bellies were full, the women went shopping and the guys hung out at home with the kids.  All in all… a pretty good day!

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