Leigh Taylor Photography

I am SOOOOO excited!!!  I just booked our first ever family photo session for December in Florida!  If you’re confused… I mean family session as in we are the family… I am the shot not the shooter…. yipppeee!!!!  I have been searching Vegas and Orlando (we will be both places in December) for just the right person… for the person who I think will match the images floating around in my head.  The person that will really capture the joy that bubbles out of Cooper 24/7 and I think I found her!!!  Check out Leigh Taylor Photography!  You can’t imagine how excited I am.  I don’t have one single picture of Cooper and I that I love.  I told Otey that Cooper is going to look back at the photos from the first two years of his life and wonder why he didn’t have a Mom!  I think that Leigh is going to be a perfect fit for our family.  She has a young son and seems really relaxed and casual… not to mention we share several of the same favorite photographers (that’s a great sign).  Anyway, I had to share my overwhelming giddiness!  Otey wasn’t nearly as pumped about the prospect of an up coming photo session as I am… I guess I don’t blame him… his entire life is one big photo session!!! 

*** Scroll down one post for details on PHOTO CONTEST #3***

  • Leigh - Oh HONEY!!! This is soo sweet of you 🙂
    Thank you…we will get along GREAT! I know it! Oh I have a 7 year old daughter too! The gorgeous one on my site 🙂 Call me I wanna talk 🙂

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