Leeee-vin’ on a Jet plane…

Did you just sing that? If not… go back and start over.

In just a few hours Otey and I will be heading to St. Louis to catch a plane to Salt Lake City, Utah and eventually end up in Pocatello, Idaho by night fall. Are you ready for this…. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME WE HAVE BEEN ANYWHERE TOGETHER WITH OUT COOPER SINCE FEBRUARY 1ST 2006 (Coop’s b-day). I am super stoked to have my husband to myself for a week, but OH-MY-GOSH… I am NOT ready to leave Cooper again! I don’t ever travel without him and this is going to be three times in a month! Good news is there aren’t any other trips scheduled the rest of the year without him. It was soooo hard putting him to bed tonight knowing that I won’t see him for an entire week. This is the longest I’ve ever left him. It’s never been anymore then a quick three day trip. I know he’s going to have a blast while we are gone. Grandma & Grandpa McCloy got here today and he’s going home with them in the morning. He’s going to be living it up with the cattle and horses all week at their ranch. It’s a good thing Otey and I are both working on this trip or I would have probably backed out tonight. Who would have thought a little munchkin could change your life so much?

Speaking of little munchkins, check out this cutie…


For all you loyal blog readers… this is a very familiar face… sweet 4yr old Averi. Her Mom let me put that bright red lipstick on her for a photo that I needed for a contest I was entering. Red lipstick was a requirement. Moral of the story, I didn’t win (bummer) but I did get some WAY cute pics for her mama!

Sidenote… I know that I over use CAPITAL LETTERS and …’s in my blog posts. I just type how I think. Those …’s are long pauses in the run-on sentences that swirl in my mind as I try to get it all typed out. And capital letters… what can I say… I even type loud!

  • Kim - I think you should have won!

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