Leap of Faith

Well… I did it.  I bought a web domain and site today for my photography business.  I am planning on officially launching the site after Christmas, or early January 07.  I want to make sure I have plenty of fun photos to fill the pages!  It’s official now.  No backing out.  I have enough money invested in all of my equipment and this webpage, I’ll have to make money at it if Cooper is going to have diapers!  I am taking votes on a name… "becoming a brand" is a hot thing with photographers right now.  Most use their name like… John Doe Photography… or… Photos by John Doe.  The idea is that a client only has to remember one thing… not a name and a business name.  What do you all think?  Kathy McCloy Photography seems so stuffy and un-fun (sorry for the bad grammar, Mom). The only other thing I am considering is Studio KM, but after I GOOGLED it, there are tons of other businesses with the same name.  Any feedback or suggestions would be much appreciated.  This is a big decision!

Today a strange thing happened… I didn’t take one, not even one, picture of my sweet baby boy.  It feels weird not to have any pictures of him to upload and look at on my computer before bed.  Instead, I spent some time editing some other pics I took weeks ago.  Here is one of my top five favorites ever…not including Cooper… of course!


Here is one more from the same day.  By the way… this is my cousin Heather.  You can check out her blog at www.heatheraruhe.typepad.com


New Cooper updates tomorrow.  It’s so stinking cold here in Iowa, I don’t want to keep him outside very long to take pictures… and there are only so many fun pics you can take in a 8X36ft fifth wheel camper!!!

  • Heather - You said you could do wonderus (is that a word?!) things w/ pictures, however, I see no BOOBS in my pictures!!!! I want bigger boobs!!!!! ha ha. Love the pics.

  • Stormi - Very pretty picture of Heather! I will have to give the name a thought…but the title of your blog sounds pretty good..Leap of Faith Photography. Maybe not but an idea.

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