Lame post with no photos ahead. That’s your warning just in case you want to quit reading right now. I am currently uploading a client’s gallery on my parent’s dial-up connection so no photos for at least like six hours (that’s how long it took to load twenty-eight photos last night… seriously… no joke). I’m getting ready to walk out the door to go look at a pony for Cooper. My sweet innocent 8yr old nephew Evan is going to be my crash-test-dummy since he knows just about as much about riding as Cooper and he’s the only one of us little enough to actually ride the pony. I don’t know if he’s ever ridden before or not, could be a pretty good laugh. I’ll be back on tonight to post some photos and update you on Pony Search 2008.

  • Laura - Hmmm…….I told you how awful dial up is and that is why I never get to post much!! Hope the pony search is a success!!

  • kay - I feel your dial up pain! It takes me forever to put pics on my blog and in my photo gallery. If I could do it faster I would probably drive everybody crazy with a gazillion pictures!

  • Terri - Be sure to take pictures…just in case there are any funny moments. I want to laugh with you.

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