Knee slapper

I am so, so, so tired… but not too tired to tell you the funniest thing I’ve heard in ages.  My cousin Heather was running down the hall of her daughter’s junior high school and went to open the glass door to run out… it was locked… she broke her nose.  True story.  Can you believe that there were no witnesses?  What a waste of a truly hilarious moment.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sorry her nose hurts… but seriously… that’s like a Saturday Night Live skit.   

Foot photo contest entries are now closed.  Voting will begin Monday morning.

Painted all day.  Tomorrow we are doing flower beds for the open house. 

Cooper is feeling MUCH better. 

Is my husband ever coming home?  Miss you Otey.

  • Heather - Hey, the nose hurts!!!!! It has been a HUGE source of laughs today. Not broken…but swollen and painful!!!! I serioulsy feel like my ENTIRE face hit the glass!!! OUCH!!!!!!!!!!! :o( I am glad I have been able to provide so many people w/a few laughs. I’ve even laughed at myself, too!!!

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