This is the WAY fun kid who lives next door.  He’s really going to regret "performing" for his neighbor with the big camera one day soon…


Jarrett starts second grade tomorrow.  He makes me laugh… A LOT.  His little brother Jake (who’s six months older then Cooper) and Jarrett spend a lot of time outside and Cooper LOVES going out to play with them.  Jake runs across their yard yelling "eeewwww-ppeee" (coopee) as soon as Cooper goes outside.  I’m really going to miss their family when we move.  Here’s a shot of Jake playing in the sand… and Cooper eating sand (he gets that from his Dad).


Notice my little kleptomaniac’s hand moving in for the kill while Jake is distracted by my camera…


It’s so fun having great neighbors.  Heck… the way the "house selling" is going, they might be our neighbors until Jake and Cooper graduate!

  • Stormi - Have patients. Your house will sell soon enough. BUT no, I am not going to be the one buying it! Good pictures by the way I have been stalking all day waiting on you to update the site. So your hits today might be a few higher than normal!

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