King Size Beds & Blueberries

I think it’s important to let Cooper try lots of different foods.  Today we decided to try blueberries.  I’m assuming you all know where this is going…. his hands we’re purple, and his face looked like this…


One thing is for sure though, he REALLY liked them.  I’m sure he will be making me some interesting presents for me tomorrow! 

Another little fun tid-bit for you.  You know that new wonderful king size mattress that we waited two weeks for that finally arrived on Friday?  Well, it is absolutely, positively, miserable to sleep on.  We went back to the furniture store today to use their "30 day exchange it if you don’t like it" policy.  Otey and I both laid on the display model of the one we ordered and it felt nothing like the one received, but just to be safe, we ordered a completely different model this time.  Good news is, now we have to wait two more weeks to get it!  I think we might just sleep on the floor until it arrives… it would be a tiny bit more comfortable!

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