I’m not sure, but Otey, Cooper, and I may be able to claim residence in Kansas.  We are going to be at the Kansas State Fair for almost two weeks.  We arrived here last night and have a very nice place for the 5th wheel.  It is really nice to not have any of my own rodeos for a couple of weeks and just be the "Dodge guys wife" and "Cooper’s mom".

Cooper is cutting teeth.  He has mass quantities of snot constantly running 24/7.  I don’t know where it is all coming from, he must be storing it all the way down to his little toes!  Who would have thought that teething causes a snotty nose and a temperature.  Thank goodness for Doctor Dan and the BABY 411 book (If you have a baby, or are going to have a baby, it’s the best book ever).  He is still in pretty good spirits despite the teething and dripping snot.  We are so blessed to have such a happy baby.  We were playing on the bed this morning and he pulled up to his feet!  AHHHH!  I just wish I could hit pause for a little while, it feels like he’s going to be off to junior high next week.

I should be able to post a lot these couple of weeks, I have a super fast connection.  There are new pictures in the August folder.

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