Everyone who knows me knows that I have had the same best friend since the 8th grade.  This is my friend Julie.  I wish I had a really funny big-hair, pegged jeans, Jr.High pic to post, but all of those are still in storage in Indiana.  Today is Julie’s last 20-something birthday.  My friend Julie is so funny.  Every time her name is on the caller ID I know that I need to be ready for an earful (usually from the second I day "hello").  Julie is a school teacher, a realtor, a mother of soon to be two babies under age two, a great wife, and a perfect friend.  I could not even begin to list the one million things we’ve been through together.  Most people are only lucky enough to have a best friend like Julie in high school, in college, or as an adult, but I’ve been blessed with the BEST best friend for over 17 years and through all three!  Happy Birthday Julie!  Here’s to our last year before the big 3-0!

  • Heather - Happy B-day Julie!

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