JCrew – Sneak Peek

I don’t even know where to start on this sneak peek. Let me start off by saying this family makes me want to have three kids (yikes… huh Otey?). When I got to their house sweet little Liza ran out to greet me in the driveway. Dad was caught late at work, so instead of Mom being all wigged out and stressed, she let her kids go outside with me and jump on the trampoline! I knew at that point it was going to be a great session. I love it when parents just let their kids be kids. That’s when we catch those images that REALLY show their personality. Photos like these…



When Dad showed up, he told me the ground rules. #1. He promised his wife two hours… I had better get what I need in that window. #2. He doesn’t take his shoes off. #3. He doesn’t “gaze lovingly” into his wife’s eyes for photos.


6yrs old
Poser. Thank you Hannah Montana for teaching all 6-12 year olds how to rock it for the camera.


8yrs old
The face that belongs to those legs I showed you last week. Quiet… came outside reading a book. Gave me the same toothless small smile for every shot and I love it. Even more… I loved that Mom never once yelled at him “SMILE!!!”.


11yrs old (I think… maybe 12)
Big Sister… helper… pleaser… super super super easy to shoot.


And seriously… Could I end this without showing you their Mom and Dad? You knew they were going to have to be good looking to produce such cute offspring. I felt like I was shooting for the JCrew Catalog.



I had so much fun shooting (and editing) this session. Thank you Jenny for letting your kids relax, thank you kids for being sooo easy to shoot… and thank you Matt… for… not taking your shoes off and keeping an eye on the clock for me. I’ll send you the bill for aerating the lawn.

  • Kari - WOW! Beautiful family. Great job.

  • crystal mcgraw - AWESOME!! Jenny Hare has always made me sick! She is always so laid back and I love her outlook on life! Now she really makes me sick. Those pictures are perfect!!
    Jenny I need your password so I can see all of them.
    BTW, Perfect job again Kathy!

  • Teala - Oh my gosh I can’t believe those kids. I used to watch them when I went to school at Valley.
    Lauren was 5, Jake was 2 and Liza was just a baby. They are super cute!

  • Jenny - These were so awesome–we will never get our pictures taken again!! Well maybe, but I would like to stop time on the kids right now. Kathy I need to put you on my bathroom sink just to start the day out with your sweet compliments! Can’t wait to see the rest!!!

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