Jam packed day

Cooper had a pretty big day.  I mean really, you wouldn’t believe how many important things an eleven month old has to remember to do in a day.  Nap time totaled about 5 hours today over 3 different naps.  Eating consumes a HUGE portion of our day since my little guy eats like a full grown man. We’re talking an egg and two pancakes for breakfast, a hamburger, grapes, carrots, and a few crackers for lunch, and yogurt, carrots, mac n’ cheese and some turkey for diner.  Not to mention about three formula bottles.  On top of all the eating and napping, he still finds time to remember his other duties for the day. 

This morning he had to clean the windows… with his tongue…


He had to water his cattle…


He had to put on his new favorite hat…


Oh, and if you’re curious about the many wardrobe changes… he also had to poop out his diaper three times today.  Busy. Busy. Busy.

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