It was harder then I thought it would be…

…on me.

Monday… **long sigh**… I started the binky (aka pacifier) weaning. Oh my gosh it was hard. Not so much on Cooper, but on me! I can’t believe I’m a sappy looser Mom, but I have really struggled the past couple of days with him not having that dumb binky anymore.
Around Cooper’s 1st birthday, we instated some very strict binky rules. He was only allowed to have it when he was going to sleep, it lived in his bed, and I took it with us in the car if I knew it would be naptime or bedtime while we were traveling. When he got up in the morning (or from an afternoon nap) we’d just say “bye bye binky” “bye bye monkey” and Cooper would throw them down in his bed before he ever got out. He knew the drill… If he wanted the goods, he had to get in bed. Cooper would hang on the side of his crib at naptime and bedtime excited to get in because he wanted his binky and monkey. Going to bed always seemed like a reward to him and it was never a struggle for us. Well… I made a deal with Otey a few months back… the binky had to be completely gone before the new baby gets here, so I figured yesterday was as good a day as any to start. I did the old “cut the nipple off trick” I have read about in several baby books and magazines. Cooper thinks there is only one binky, so yesterday afternoon before his nap I cut the nipple off and put the plastic part back in his bed. When he got in for naptime he picked it up and tried to put it in his mouth and looked at me and said “binky all gone” in the saddest most pitiful voice you have ever heard (that’s when I realized that I loved that baby binky as much as he did). I told him it was broke in a very sympathetic voice, and that I was sorry, and left his room like I normally do at naptime. He stayed awake in his bed yacking about his “binky all gone” and fussed and cried for nearly two hours. Finally, I laid with him in our bed and we both napped for about an hour (side note… he HATES sleeping with us… and we hate sleeping with him… he was just so exhausted that he gave in). When I put him to bed for the evening, he picked up the plastic part of his binky and rubbed it on his mouth and told me “binky all gone” again, and then laid right down clutching it in his little hand and went peacefully to sleep. I left the room… and cried. I just never dreamed he would get over it that fast. I don’t know what’s wrong with me… I should be ecstatic. It must be the pregnancy hormones. I took his bottle away from him on his first birthday and never batted an eye… I get rid of clothes he out grows without a second thought… But geesh, this whole binky thing is kicking my butt. I secretly want to make a midnight run to WalGreens and buy a double pack and sneak them to him when his Dad’s not looking. I know Otey’s right… it just seemed so innocent since he only slept with them. So… I have made the executive decision that since we are pretty much rid of the pacifier already, Monkey is now free to roam around the house as Cooper sees fit. I’m not sure if it’s therapy for Cooper, or for me… but either way… I like it.

We’ve now been through two naps and two bedtimes with out binky.
It’s been smooth sailing excluding that first nap.
Pretty much… Cooper is over it already.
When do you think I will be?

  • Heather - At least it’s not his thumb! Do your best to NOT let that happen w/ the 2nd one. It’s definately harder to break them of. Though, when I see a pic of Lenzi w/ her blankie sucking her thumb, I can’t help but miss those cute days. Reminder: first child is the easiest! Just wait!!! ha ha

  • dad - Sometimes being an adult sucks. Glad Cooper is doing ok with it. love

  • Bree - I am impressed that he let it go so easily. We had our daughter down to the nap/bedtime only too, and we finally took it away at 22 mos. She did good,(almost as good as Cooper) I did good, exept now sometimes I see the pictures of her sleeping, or at bedtime with it, and I miss it. I guess it is just that those days are gone and I can’t go back to that time with her. I think for you it is symbolizing that Cooper isn’t that little baby anymore. But it is such a good thing, He is a BIG BOY now, and these are the fun times, hearing all the funny things he can (and will) say. I wish we could video-tape all day long, just to catch all the events of toddlers!

  • Debbie - Working at a dentist office I see lots of messed up teeth from “binky’s”. Just think of how beautiful his teeth will be when he is older! It’s hard but he’s doing good! I’ll pray for YOU!!!

  • Christina B - The problem is that the kids grow too fast. You will get over it soon enough. At least you had the guts to take it away. I have seen moms trying to wean binkys right before preschool.

  • aunt harriet/mom - You are such a good mom. I am proud of you! And Cooper too!

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