Is it Friday… I think it’s Friday

This morning I had a wonderful discovery… Cooper has THREE new teeth poking through!  I guess his baby cousin Cole got his first tooth this week too!  It must be something in the Licking, MO water.  No offers on our house yet.  I hope it happens soon because as you can imagine keeping the house immaculate with Cooper running around like a wild Indian is not an easy task!  Here’s Coop at "Art in the Park" the other day.  Cooper had a little bit more fun then his Dad did… he is always a great sport and suffers through things that make me happy.  That should be added to the wedding vows… "I promise to suffer through things that make me miserable if you get at least a proportional amount of happiness out of it."


I finished editing Emily+Dusty’s engagement session photos this morning. Here are a few more of my favorites.  I know it seems like they are kissing or staring at each other in all of them.  I did take several of the looking at the camera also, I just always tend to like the more "real life" shots.  I’m hording back a couple of REALLY fun ones.  I know Emily is planning on using one for her invitation, so I’m saving the ones I think she might want to use.



My VERY favorite of the 600+ shots of the day (click on it to see it clear)…


Emily – they will all go up really late tonight and be ready for you to view on tomorrow morning.  Hope you love them!

  • Emily - They are so awesome, you have done such a great job so far we cannot wait until later! They are more tahn I could of ever hoped for!

  • Heather - You are so awesome, Kathy! I love the swirly one, best!

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