Indian Rocks Beach #1

Greetings from the land of sand, surf, diapers, and naps. We are having a WONDERFUL time relaxing. I know I've said to Otey at least once a day… "Isn't it nice to have no plan, nothing that you HAVE to do?" LOVE. IT. Cooper has been having a blast swimming and playing on the beach. My Mom and Dad, and my brother's family are here also, so Coop is thinking he's pretty hot stuff hanging out with his BIG cousins (they're 12 & 8… actually Evan would want me to tell you he's going to be 9 in 14 days). Here are a few sunny moments to warm your frozen hineys.


Coop has ABSOLUTELY no fear of the water.  He'll just walk right out past his head if I let him.  He loves when the waves knock him down, he just comes up coughing and spitting sea water laughing his little head off.  The first day swimming in the ocean he bent over and got a big drink of salt water (yuck) and said "Tastes like chicken!"  Did I mention he makes me laugh out loud every single day?


There have been several very elaborate sand castles.  My brother and my nephews are quite the sand castle engineers.  Me and Coop… bury his toys in the sand and dig them up.  It doesn't take much to amuse us.


My 12 year old nephew… Alex.  The poor kid takes quite the razzing from his Dad and Otey for his 6th grader cool hair.  It looks better then mine most of the time.  He fit right in on the beach looking like one cool surfer dude.


Evan on the little path that leads from the condo to the beach just before sunset. 


Cooper's super cheap truck (it came with a shovel and a bucket and was $6).  We got our money's worth out of it the first 15 minutes he had it on the beach.  It's probably put on a mile in the past four days.



Grady… after a hard morning of eating… napping… and about five minutes on the beach.  Now that kid knows how to do vacation!


Sidenote…  I added two new blogs to my "friends and family" list on the right.  Holly and Farming Fabulously (aka Katie).  Both are a hoot to read and have become regular checks of mine.

  • Farming Fabulously - Looks like you guys are having a blast, especially Cooper..Thanks for the blog bite..Happy New Year..

  • amy stamm - I love the pics….your sooo good–

  • Sydnee - good pictures

  • Kari - Have a great time. The pics are very refreshing.

  • Holly - AWWW Kathy thanks for the add. I love your beach pictures. Good to know you are still alive!!

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