I’m begging you.

Periodically I receive an email from a blog stalker that goes something like this…

"I saw you in the grocery store (at church… in Target… at a gas station) the other day but I felt funny coming up to talk to you when you don't know me. I didn't want to seem like a weirdo telling you that I read your blog everyday and I don't even know you."

Let me just go ahead and tell any of you that don't know me… PLEASE. I AM BEGGING YOU… stop me and introduce yourself. Allow me the opportunity to apologize for my personal appearance, for the act of wearing sweat pants in public, for my three year old who will probably be roaring at you like a T-Rex, for wiping baby spit-up with my shirt… for the love of Pete give me the opportunity to redeem myself! The funniest thing about this blog is that people who don't know me… know me.  I want the opportunity to know you! So step up! Be heard! And more importantly… please don't tell anyone what I look like in person.

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